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Hi! I'm June. Sometimes I draw. Usually I spam. My favorite thing is when girls kiss each other. I SURE DO HOPE YOU LIKE FROZEN.

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30 August 14

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forget wanting to be magically transported to wondrous fantasy worlds, all i want in life is to be part of the love live universe

like, imagine a world where everything is the same, except:

*everyone u meet is really really cute, and really really gay

*friendships you make in highschool actually matter

*girls are able to break into the entertainment industry on their own using their talents, without being sexually exploited by men

*actually, girls do fucking everything. the only males within your personal radius are a 2 year old who can’t form sentences, the faceless, voiceless, nameless dad of one of your friends, and an alpaca

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" Elsa Hair Story " Clip - The Story of Frozen: September 2 at 8pm on ABC

smh at idina saying the reason let it go is so popular is because it’s not ‘just about girls’. yeh way to undermine the incredibly important feminist themes of the movie and elsa’s arc in particular about women who are shamed for their abilities and made to live with their head bowed down as to not appear ‘intimidating’ and thus undesirable to men

BUT NO, WHAT MATTERS IS THAT DUDES CAN ENJOY LET IT GO TOO. please, i’d like to see the day where someone involved in the creation of spider-man or the avengers or what the fuck ever goes out and says ‘i think the reason it’s such a hit is because it’s not just about boys’. lmao

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motherfucking NICO tho

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petition to go back in time and destroy mogyutto love de sekkinchuu before it is created

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Nicomaki school idol diary released today.
I nearly died at the yukata pic.
And I died at the yukata chapter

Yukata chapter is first on my priority list for translation now.

Quick Sample
「that’s why, that’s why, I’ll never say it to anyone. Not even Maki.
Maki-chan is really cute, and I want to protect her, teehee.
That’s why I’ll never never say it~♪」

I’ll love to start on it now but unfortunately I’m on the train for an event today which runs overnight.
I’ll work on it asap.

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Anonymous said: what did kussun say?

during the first live, they did a call for boys and a call for girls, and rippii commented that some of the voices who answered for girls sounded kind of manly, and told them not to lie! and then kussun said ‘omg, what if they’re okamas’, which is a catch-all slang/slur for gay men/crossdressers, and laughed. LIKE… i know it’s hardly on level with coming out as a member of the kkk, and it’s just an isolated incident, but nobody tells ‘just one gay joke’  that isn’t indicative of anything whatsoever, you know? it points to a certain mindset, where gay/trans* people make a good punchline. and it just made me super sad. :(

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illustrating the gradual lesbian takeover of love live fandom

top row: call for boys (2012 -> 2014)

bottom row: call for girls (2012->2014)

29 August 14

when a celebrity u really admire says an offensive thing and u become heartbroken forever…………

Posted: 5:21 PM

希だけに Only Nozomi..
Sketch today for NozoEli <3


希だけに Only Nozomi..

Sketch today for NozoEli <3

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh