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Hi! I'm June. Sometimes I draw. Usually I spam. My favorite thing is when girls kiss each other. I SURE DO HOPE YOU LIKE FROZEN.

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21 September 14

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some deep existential shit on the subway

some deep existential shit on the subway

Posted: 11:14 AM
ah yes. it was horrible how they rounded out her character, taught us about her homelife, her responsibility and maturity, and showed her overcoming her selfishness and ego. truly abhorrent

ah yes. it was horrible how they rounded out her character, taught us about her homelife, her responsibility and maturity, and showed her overcoming her selfishness and ego. truly abhorrent

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i haven’t watched xenoglossia but my friend said that it turned chihaya full psycho yandere lesbian…

classic sunrise, man. i’ve been getting mad mai hime flashbacks just from looking at the promo art so i was actually wondering if the yandere lesbian trope would make a stunning appearance there too… damn, i’m really getting morbidly curious

Wow. Eerily spot on about how the idol industry actually works though. (Oh, you want to express yourself? TOO FUCKING BAD, YOUR FANS WANT THIS SO DO IT YOU PIECE OF SHIT)

oh i don’t doubt the idol industry is full of horrible shit, the problem is that this show isn’t treating it as such at all, and is instead coating it with anime sugar sparkles and making it look like it’s ~totally peach keen~. NOPE

20 September 14

so is xenoglossia trash just in terms of its faithfulness to the actual franchise, or trash in general? because i gotta say i am WEIRDLY INTRIGUED by it, like the whole concept is so ridiculous, the designs are so delightfully 90’s, and just, idefk

Posted: 11:27 PM

ep 20 of idolmaster more like bURY ME TAKE MY DEAD BODY AND BURY IT 500 FEET IN THE GROUND I AM DEAD

Posted: 9:30 PM


like ok she was raised as a boy bc her dad was a trash (totally a thing that happens in the 21th century) and she really wants to be a pretty pink princess, ok

and then she becomes an idol in order to make that happen, but oops, she makes for a really hot boy, so she gets stuck in the token fujoshi magnet spot

and the thing is, she’s been protesting about it since ep 1, she’s not happy, this isn’t who she wants to be — and NOBODY GIVES A SHIT. nobody cares about her feelings. the one time she got to dress as girlishly as she’d like she got ridiculed for it by her fans AS WELL AS HER FRIENDS, telling her that this is ‘wrong’ for her. um, if you are her friend, why are you shutting her down when she’s trying to express herself after 15 years of being unable to??? because she’s hotter when she’s crossdressing? that’s what matters to you more than her personal happiness??

and then when she gets an episode dealing with that, even the producer, who is ~the most kind and understanding~, repeatedly ignores her complaints even when she’s spilling her heart out to him, and basically tells her that it doesn’t matter how she feels because this is her job and that’s not going to change, so suck it up. so she gets to act girly for ONE DAY and that’s it. and that’s somehow supposed to be seen as a happy thing? ‘haha you’ll never be able to express yourself the way you want to EXCEPT FOR THOSE 24 HOURS aren’t you glad’ BITCHES NO. and the conclusion she arrives to at the end of it all? ‘well yeah i’m not happy, but me being a hot dude makes my fans happy, and that’s more important!’ so basically after everyone she knows drilled into her head that her personal happiness is worth less than a pile of trash, she’s internalized it? OH GOODY WHAT GREAT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IM SO GLAD

and on top of it all, she gets mocked for being a boyish girl, even though THAT’S NOT EVEN WHAT SHE WANTS TO BE, and she still has to defend herself against it. like, what the hell, she’s just fucked from every direction, this is trash

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relationship goals



relationship goals

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh