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20 October 12

it’s ok show, not like i needed that soul or anything

ugh i just love… rei. both times she died, she was the last one of the senshi remaining, out of nothing but sheer willpower and the desire to be by usagi’s side. and both times, her last words are stern. in the first season finale, the girls all give her sweet, soft words of reassurance, but rei is firm, rei scolds her: stand up. run. go. here, she tells her: don’t be soft. be strong. fight. and don’t forget, you idiot: you’re not alone.

there’s something incredibly sad about the way she says ‘you have mamoru’, even more so when compared to season one’s ‘you have us’. on the textual plane, it’s obvious — they don’t know what happened to him, so rei thinks he’s the only one she’s still got. but of course it’s nearly impossible for me to not read it as her saying aloud what she’s always known: usagi has mamoru, and she could never match up. she never once thought about trying to take his place, but being proven once and for all that she’s not good enough — not to be with usagi, but to protect her — it hurts. she failed her. she’s unworthy of her.

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    Oh jesus, just punch me in the emotions. I don’t want to seep myself too far in something I haven’t seen in so long and...
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    I can’t handle this
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    Never NOT reblog this. Though oh man, I love this interpretation of the scene. Especially after one hears HOW Rei says...
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